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21-DMA Confirms Significance.......>

DOLLAR-YEN TECHS: 21-DMA Confirms Significance
*RES 4: Y115.62 High Jan 19 
*RES 3: Y115.24 Falling LT weekly TL 
*RES 2: Y114.49 Monthly High July 11 
*RES 1: Y114.00 Hourly resistance Oct 28
*PRICE: Y113.86 @ 0255GMT
*SUP 1: Y113.52 Alternating hourly support/resistance 
*SUP 2: Y113.22 Hourly support Oct 31 
*SUP 3: Y112.98 21-DMA 
*SUP 4: Y112.74 Hourly resistance Oct 19 now support
*COMMENTARY: Despite looking heavy and pressuring the 21-DMA bears failed to
produce the close below to confirm focus on Y111.32-112.30. The bounce eases
bearish pressure with bulls needing a close above Y114.00 to return immediate
focus to the key Y114.49 level. The 21-DMA is now key support with bears needing
a close below to shift focus back to Y111.37-112.30 where key DMAs are situated.
The Bollinger band top is noted at (Y114.26) and is the key concern.