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Issuance size picks up with $2B Micron 3Pt, Goldman Sachs 5Pt still likely to lead as second half action gets interesting.

  • Date $MM Issuer (Priced *, Launch #
  • 10/18 $2B #Micron $1B +10Y +112, $500M 20Y +137, $500M 30Y +147
  • 10/18 $1.5B #Korea Development Bank (KDB) $700M 3.25Y Green +15, $500M 5.5Y +30, $300M 10Y +45
  • 10/18 $1B NRW Bank (German Fed State North Rhine-Westphalia) 3Y +19
  • 10/18 $Benchmark Goldman Sachs 5pt: 3NC2 +50a, 3NC2 FRN/SOFR, 6NC5 +78a, 6NC5 FRN/SOFR, 11NC10 +105a
  • 10/18 $Benchmark National Rural Utilities 3Y +45a, 3Y FRN/SOFR, 5Y +60a
  • 10/18 $Benchmark Lukoil +5Y, 10Y investor calls
  • 10/18 $Benchmark ASB Bank 5Y +55a, 10Y +90a
  • 10/18 $Benchmark Peoples Rep of China multi-tranche sr bonds investor call ($4B est over 3-, 5-, 10- and 30Y bonds)