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2022 Growth Seen At 4.1%: Finance Minister


Approaching Key Support


WTI Narrows in on Cycle High

DOLLAR-WON TECHS: Above 55-DMA To Gain Breathing Room
*RES 4: Krw1089.4 - 200-DMA
*RES 3: Krw1087.6 - High Mar 1
*RES 2: Krw1086.7 - High May 21
*RES 1: Krw1072.0 - 55-DMA
*PRICE: Krw1070.7 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Krw1065.2 - Bollinger band base
*SUP 2: Krw1063.3 - Low May 10
*SUP 3: Krw1058.7 - Low Apr 19
*SUP 4: Krw1052.0 - 2018 Low Apr 2
*COMMENTARY: Bears take comfort in closes below the 55-DMA with immediate
bearish focus on Krw1063.3 and a close below this level needed to initially
target 2018 lows (Krw1052.0). Bulls continue to look for a close above the
55-DMA to gain breathing room and return focus to Krw1086.7-1089.4 where the
200-DMA is located. The Bollinger base is the key concern for bears with
potential to limit follow through.