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Core Fixed Income Meandering On Thursday


Yuan Shuts Its Eyes To PBOC Fix


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  • ANC staffers say they will suspend their strike RE non-payment of salaries for two months and put effort into helping the party towards local election victory in November. Staff said management remained committed to helping find a resolution to their grievances
  • Businesses will meet to discuss and possibly build a framework for mandatory vaccinations in the coming weeks. Among the considerations is how to effectively deal with workers who do not comply – either by firing them or sending them for weekly tests.
    • Several business groups have in principle supported mandatory vaccinations. Legal experts warn that businesses need to weigh worker rights and operational needs when considering their position
  • 9 ANC members from the North West's Greater Taung municipality have sent legal letters to the ANC national list committee (NLC) threatening legal action if their demands are not responded to by the end of the day.
    • Yesterday, members were complaining that the candidate process was fraught with corruption and that they would not vote if their candidates were not represented
  • ConCourt to rule on Zuma application to have his contempt of court and 15-month sentence rescinded (0900BST)