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Futures Little Changed Overnight


Social Distancing Measures To Be Reviewed


(U1) Fades Off 2021 Highs


Holding Above 0.7400 But Headwinds Abound

Aussie bonds were more resilient.......>

AUSSIE BONDS: Aussie bonds were more resilient than their US counterparts in the
short-end and opened SFE almost flat with the 3-Year Future at 97.790, down from
97.810 and the 10-Year future down a tick and a half at 97.155. Both the 3-Year
and 10-Year contracts saw contract lows in the session and much thinner volumes
traded, almost halving in the 3-Year ahead of the FOMC meeting commencing on
- Little reaction from positive Roy-Morgan Weekly Consumer Index Figures which
came in at a 8-Week high of 114.8, a 4.6% increase from the last release. House
Price Index data showed inflation slowed in July and August but annual growth
rate remained steady. RBA minutes came in upbeat.
- During SYCOM the 3-Year and the 10-Year both moved in tandem with US Tsy's
which moved within an 8 tick range and ended lower as the session again saw
record highs for stocks. 
- Yields are slightly up across the curve but nothing compared to yesterday's
5+bp moves, the 3-Year last down 1.1bp and the 10-Year maturities last down