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Bears Need Close Below A$1.5961...>

EURO-AUSSIE TECHS: Bears Need Close Below A$1.5961
*RES 4: A$1.6191 - 2018 High Mar 28
*RES 3: A$1.6119 - Bollinger band top
*RES 2: A$1.6117 - High Mar 29
*RES 1: A$1.6084 - High Apr 2
*PRICE: A$1.6050 @ 2130GMT
*SUP 1: A$1.5961 - Low Apr 20 
*SUP 2: A$1.5929 - Hourly resistance Apr 19 now support 
*SUP 3: A$1.5857 - 55-DMA 
*SUP 4: A$1.5771 - Low Apr 13
*COMMENTARY: Bulls took comfort in support emerging on dips back to the 55-DMA
with bulls now focused on A$1.6084-1.6192 where 2018 highs and the Bollinger top
are located. Bears continue to look for a close below A$1.5961 to ease bullish
pressure and below the 55-DMA to hint at a move back to A$1.5598-1.5656 where
the 100-DMA (A$1.5656) is found. Daily studies are well placed for a fresh move
higher in line with the weekly trend.