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Quick roll update with expiry tomorrow

EGB SUMMARY: BTPs have rallied this morning with banking sector gains in the
FTSE MIB helping the Mar-19 BTP future retrace all of Friday losses and
approaching Thursday's open. Bunds have sold off throughout the morning,
narrowing EGB spreads across the board. 
- Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are set for more talks today, discussing
Corbyn's demand for the UK to remain in a customs union with the EU. The
government is not expected to change it's stance, Liam Fox calling Corbyn's
demand a "dangerous delusion". 
- The Mar-19 BTP is up 68 ticks 126.44 with the day's high at 126.7. 
- 2yr BTP yield is down 4.7bps, 5yr down, 6.4bps, and 10yr down 5.0bps.
- The Mar-19 Bund future is down 36 ticks at 166.39 off the day's low of 166.3. 
- The 10yr Bund yield is down 2.1bps at 0.108%, EGB spreads at: BTPs down
7.43bps at 279.7bps, SGBs down 1.57bps at 113bps, and PGBs down 2.26bps at
- Demand for 6-month German Bubills was weak this morning, the auction only just
covered at 1.1x.