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Cable: Asia open $1.3059, range....>

STERLING SUMMARY: Cable: Asia open $1.3059, range $1.3050-77. Europe open
$1.3073, range $1.3040-79.
* Eur/Gbp: Asia open Gbp0.8927, range Gbp0.8918-0.89345. Europe open Gbp0.8922,
range Gbp0.8902-32.
* Thursday's BOE MPC 'dovish hike' pressed cable to an eventual low of $1.3043,
closed around $1.3060. 
* Rate extended its recovery, in slow fashion, to $1.3077 in Asia as Eur/Gbp
drifted off to Gbp0.8918. 
* Sterling opened Europe with a firmer note, albeit at weak levels. Real money
noted buyers into sterling dips.
* Usd demand in early Europe acted to press cable lower, in tandem with Eur/Usd,
to an extended post BOE MPC low of $1.3040. 
* Decent demand here buoyed rate, allowed for recovery to $1.3059 ahead of UK
Services PMI.
* Strong data spiked cable to $1.3079, dropped Eur/Gbp to Gbp0.8902. Cable eased
to $1.3060, awaits US NFP.