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Market Sentiment Provides Key Driver


Japan Oct Household Spending Down 0.6% y/y


Incrementally Firmer Early On


Kiwi Kept In Check Despite Risk-On Impulse


(Z1) Strong Weekly Close



  • CBR warns the global economy could face a 2008-style meltdown within 18 months, pointing to serious imbalances, soaring and unsustainable public/private debt and stubborn inflation risks across the world.
    • Cites 1Q23 as a possible point for a large scale finical crisis and was presented as an "alternative scenario of the global recovery" – notes however that this is not baseline scenario
  • US condemns Russia's detention of Crimean Tatar leader and 45 others saying "We call on the Russian occupation authorities to release them immediately," the statement said, calling it "the latest in a long line of politically motivated raids, detentions, and  punitive measures against  the Mejlis and its leadership."
    • Ukrainian FM Kuleba tweeted on Saturday saying Russia had "escalated terror in the occupied Crimea" by detaining five people, including Dzhelyalov.
  • Former OMV Head says Nord Stream 2 construction will be completed this week and the project will be launched in the upcoming days.
    • Nord Stream CEO said without a doubt the pipe laying will be completed this week, with gas expected to flow some time before the end of the year
  • Russian FM Spox Zakharova says "the events in Afghanistan clearly demonstrate NATO's decline, with neither the US nor NATO capable of coordinating their actions."
    • Says NATO should be planning drills in the mountains and steppes rather than boosting its presence in the Baltic and Eastern European counties instead of being absorbed in its virtual confrontation with Russia
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