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The exit poll following the closure of polling stations in the run-off election for the Rome mayoralty shows centre-left coalition candidate Roberto Gualtieri with a wide lead over his centre-right coalition opponent Enrico Michetti.

  • Gualtieri (Centre Left Coalition) : 58% - 62%, Michetti (Centre Right Coalition) : 38% - 42%. YouTrend/Quorum.
  • Gualtieri (Centre Left Coalition) : 59% - 63%, Michetti (Centre Right Coalition) : 37% - 41%. RAI
Exit polls also shows the centre-left on course to win the Turin mayoralty, with Stefano Lo Russo leading centre-right challenger Paolo Damiliano:
  • Lo Russo (Centre Left Coalition) : 56% - 60%, Damilano (Centre Right Coalition) : 40%-44%. RAI.
  • Lo Russo (Centre Left Coalition) : 53% - 57%, Damilano (Centre Right Coalition) : 43% - 47%. YouTrend/Quorum.
Both Rome and Turin's mayoralties were previously held by representatives from the populist Five-Star Movement, but who both failed to make the second round of the mayoral contests this time around after a slump in support for the party. In mayoral contests across Italy's largest cities, the two-round system has aided candidates from the centre left, who have been able to attract a large segment of M5S voters once their candidate was eliminated from the contest.