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Ruling Party Oust Secretary General Thamanat


China Repo Rates Fall On Thursday


Australia Dec Unemployment Rate 4.2%

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Below are the known dates for auctions of European bonds and UK gilts. All times are UK.

See the notes section at the bottom for more colour.

Date Time Country Amount Details Notes
07-Dec-21 0900 Netherlands E1.5-3.0bln 2.00% Jul-24 DSL Re-open
07-Dec-21 1000 UK GBP1.5bln 1.25% Jul-51 Gilt Re-open
07-Dec-21 1030 Germany E4bln 0% Dec-23 Schatz Re-open
08-Dec-21 1030 Germany E3bln 0% Aug-31 Bund Re-open
14-Dec-21 1000 Austria TBA RAGB TBA 9-Dec
14-Dec-21 1000 Italy TBA M/T & L/T BTP TBA 9-Dec
16-Dec-21 0930 Spain TBA Bono/Olbi/ObliEi TBA 10-Dec
17-Dec-21 1100 Belgium TBA ORI Facility TBA 16-Dec
29-Dec-21 1000 Italy TBA BTP Short Term TBA 23-Dec
30-Dec-21 1000 Italy TBA M/T & L/T BTP TBA 27-Dec
05-Jan-22 0930 Spain TBA Bono/Olbi TBA 30-Dec
06-Jan-22 0950 France TBA L/T OAT TBA 31-Dec
11-Jan-22 1000 UK TBA 4-Jan 0.375% Oct-26 Gilt Re-open
13-Jan-22 1000 Italy TBA M/T & L/T BTP TBA 10-Jan
18-Jan-22 1000 UK TBA 11-Jan 0.50% Jan-29 Gilt Re-open
20-Jan-22 0930 Spain TBA Bono/Olbi/ObliEi TBA 14-Jan
20-Jan-22 0950 France TBA M/T OAT TBA 14-Jan
20-Jan-22 1050 France TBA I/L OAT TBA 14-Jan
26-Jan-22 1000 Italy TBA BTP Short Term/BTPei TBA 21-Jan
26-Jan-22 1000 UK TBA 19-Jan 0.125% Mar-51 linker Re-open
28-Jan-22 1000 Italy TBA M/T & L/T BTP TBA 25-Jan
W/C 7-Feb ---- UK TBA 50-year gilt Synd; New
15-Feb-22 1000 UK TBA 8-Feb 1.00% Jan-32 Gilt Re-open
02-Mar-22 1000 UK TBA 23-Feb 0.25% Jan-25 Gilt Re-open
08-Mar-22 1000 UK TBA 1-Mar 1.25% Jul-51 Gilt Re-open
15-Mar-22 1000 UK TBA 8-Mar 0.125% Aug-31 linker Re-open
  • Belgium had planned to launch 2-3 new OLO benchmarks in two syndicated deals in 2021. It has already held two syndications, launching a new 10-year benchmark on 12 January and a new 50-year syndication on 2 February. Green OLO issuance is limited to EUR1.5bln in 2021.
  • EFSF / ESM funding for 2021 is complete.
  • The EU has confirmed it has completed funding for its SURE, NGEU and EFSM programmes for 2021.
  • France has launched new 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, 30-year and 50-year OATs, a 10-year OATei, a 10-year OATi and a 20-year Green OAT through 2021.
  • Italy will issue the following new bonds in Q4: 3-year BTP maturing 15 Dec, 2024 with a minimum final outstanding of E9bln, 7-year BTP maturing 15 Feb, 2029 with a minimum final outstanding of E10bln,10-year BTP maturing 1 Jun, 2032 with a minimum final outstanding of E10bln.
  • Italy will reopen the following bonds in Q4: 0% Jan-24 BTP Short Term, 0% Aug-24 BTP, 0% Aug-26 BTP, 0.50% Jul-28 BTP and the 0.95% Dec-31 BTP. Other 10+ year on-the-run bonds alongside BTPei, CCTeu and potentially off-the-run CTZ and CCTeu.