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Former Internal Affairs Minister Seiko Noda declared her candidacy to become the next leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and Japan's Prime Minister, joining Taro Kono, Fumio Kishida and Sanae Takaichi in the contest. Her declaration came at the 11th hour before the start to official campaigning. Candidates are expected to reveal more details about their views from today.

  • Yomiuri conducted a survey among LDP parliamentarians, which suggested that Kono and Kishida are in a neck and neck race for their support, followed by Takaichi and with Noda lagging behind. The survey estimated that around a third of lawmakers remain undecided.
  • In the first round of the election, 383 LDP lawmakers and an equal number of rank and file members will cast their votes. If no candidate receives an outright majority of votes, two frontrunners will proceed to the second round.