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Global News and Data Calendar

--Rating: *** most market sensitive, * least market sensitive
Date    GMT /Local          Event
08-Feb      -      ***  CN  FX Reserves
08-Feb  0030/1130  ***  AU  RBA Statement on Monetary Policy
08-Feb  0645/0745  **   CH  unemployment
08-Feb  0700/0800  **   DE  trade balance
08-Feb  0745/0845  **   FR  non-farm payrolls
08-Feb  0745/0845  *    FR  industrial production
08-Feb  0900/1000  *    IT  industrial production
08-Feb  1315/0815  **   CA  Housing Starts - CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and
                              Housing Corp)
08-Feb  1330/0830  ***  CA  Labour Force Survey
08-Feb  1615/1115  **   US  NY Fed GDP Nowcast
08-Feb  1700/1200  **   US  USDA GrainStock - NASS
08-Feb  1815/1315       US  San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Mary
                              Daly to participate in a moderated Q&A at the Bay
                              Area Council Economic Institute's 12th Annual
                              Economic Forecast Conference in San Francisco, CA.
07-Feb  0030/1930       US  St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James
                              Bullard to deliver a presentation on the US
                              economy and monetary policy at St. Cloud State
                              University in St. Cloud, Minnesota, followed by
                              audience Q&A.
09-Feb      -      ***  CN  FX Reserves
10-Feb      -      ***  CN  FX Reserves
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  FX Reserves
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  New Loans
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
11-Feb  0730/0830  **   FR  BoF Business survey
11-Feb  0730/0830  ***  CH  CPI
11-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Output in the Construction Industry
11-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Index of Services
11-Feb  1100/1200  *    EU  OECD Leading Indicator
11-Feb  1600/1100  **   US  NY Fed survey of consumer expectations
12-Feb      -      ***  CN  FX Reserves
12-Feb      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
12-Feb      -      ***  CN  New Loans
12-Feb      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
12-Feb  1100/0600  **   US  NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
12-Feb  1355/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
12-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  JOLTS jobs opening level
12-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  JOLTS quits Rate
12-Feb  2230/1730       US  Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther
                              George to deliver a speech on "Charting America's
                              Economic Course" at the Kansas City Public Library
                              in Kansas City, followed by audience Q&A.
12-Feb  2330/1830       US  Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta
                              Mester to deliver a speech about economic outlook
                              and monetary policy at the Xavier University and
                              Financial Executives International Cincinnati
                              Chapter meeting in Cincinnati, OH, with audience
13-Feb      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
13-Feb      -      ***  CN  New Loans
13-Feb      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
13-Feb  2350/0850  *    JP  CGPI
13-Feb  0830/0930       SE  Riksbank Policy Meeting
13-Feb  0930/0930  ***  UK  Consumer inflation report
13-Feb  0930/0930  ***  UK  Producer Prices
13-Feb  1000/1000  *    UK  ONS House Price Index
13-Feb  1000/1100  **   EU  industrial production
13-Feb  1200/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
13-Feb  1200/1200       UK  Weekly questions to the Prime Minister
13-Feb  1330/0830  ***  US  CPI
13-Feb  1350/0850       US  Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael
                              Bostic to participate in a moderated discussion
                              about economic outlook and monetary policy to the
                              European Financial Forum in Dublin, Ireland.
13-Feb  1350/0850       US  Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta
                              Mester to deliver a speech about economic outlook
                              and monetary policy at the Gatton College of
                              Business and Economics 2019 Economic Outlook
                              Conference in Lexington, KY, with audience Q&A.
13-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  Atlanta Fed inflation index
13-Feb  1530/1030  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
13-Feb  1600/1100  **   US  Kansas City Fed LMCI
13-Feb  1900/1400  **   US  Treasury Budget
14-Feb      -      ***  CN  Trade
14-Feb  2350/0850  ***  JP  GDP (p)
14-Feb  0630/0730  *    FR  unemployment
14-Feb  0700/0800  ***  DE  GDP (p)
14-Feb  0700/0800  ***  DE  GDP (p)
14-Feb  1000/1100  ***  EU  GDP (p)
14-Feb  1000/1100  *    EU  employment
14-Feb  1330/0830  ***  CA  Monthly Survey of Manufacturing
14-Feb  1330/0830  *    CA  New Housing Price Index
14-Feb  1330/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
14-Feb  1330/0830  ***  US  PPI
14-Feb  1330/0830  ***  US  Retail Sales
14-Feb  1500/1000  *    US  business inventories
14-Feb  1530/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
14-Feb  1700/1800       NO  Norges Bank Gov. Oystein Olsen delivers the
                              Governor's Annual Address in Oslo.
14-Feb  2130/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
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