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CEEMEA FX Price Signal Summary: EURHUF Remains Firm


Post-LIBOR Settle Update


CHF LIBOR - 08/12/2021


JPY LIBOR - 08/12/2021

EGB SUMMARY: Indications that EU officials are seeking to deliver a joint
statement of support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel has helped to ease
pressure in the bund market. 
- The benchmark 10-year bund yield has drifted down to 0.355% from 0.396% at the
open, while outperformance at the  long end has caused the curve to flatten with
the 2s10s spread compressing to 98bps from 101bps during the day.
- The French curve has steepened slightly with the 2s10s spread widening to
123bps from an intraday low of 121bps, while the 30-year OAT has traded down to
1.632% from a high of 1.660%.
- BTPs have fared slightly worse, with the 2-year year yield grinding higher to
0.628% following the sharp drop to 0.398% earlier in the day. The 10-year BTP
has oscillated more during the session, with the yield pulling back from the
afternoon highs and currently trading at 2.57%.
- The EURIBOR futures strip has flattened with Greens and Blues up 3.0-5.0 ticks