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Larger FX Option Pipeline

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EUR/USD: Mar03 $1.1900(E1.0bln), $1.2000(E1.4bln), $1.2150-60(E1.0bln), $1.2300(E1.0bln)

USD/JPY: Mar03 Y105.40-60($2.1bln); Mar04 Y105.60-75($1.5bln); Mar05 Y105.45-50($1.2bln); Mar08 Y104.35-40($1.9bln), Y105.50-55($1.7bln)

EUR/GBP: Mar03 Gbp0.8600(E1.9bln-EUR puts)

USD/CAD: Mar05 C$1.2500-20($1.0bln), C$1.2620($1.0bln)

USD/CNY: Mar08 Cny6.45($1.5bln)