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     BEIJING (MNI) - The People's Bank of China set the yuan central parity rate
against the U.S. dollar at 6.6263 Wednesday, stronger than Tuesday's 6.6399.
PBOC has set the fixing stronger after it has been set weaker for two straight
trading days.
                      USD-CNY  EUR-CNY  JPY-CNY
Today's fixing         6.6263   7.8185   5.8455
Prev. fixing           6.6399   7.7447   5.8432
Prev. official close   6.6431       --       --
%Chg y/y                +2.98    -5.77    +8.50
%Chg since Jan. 1       +4.61    -6.92    +1.45
%Chg since July '05    +24.90       --       --
     The People's Bank of China started setting a daily central parity rate on
Jan. 4, 2007.
     On July 21, 2005, China freed the yuan from its longstanding peg to the
dollar in favor of a managed float with reference to a basket of currencies.
     Starting March 17, 2014, the yuan was allowed to move 2% on either side of
the daily fixing against the dollar.
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