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--BOJ Amamiya: Ageing Populations To Be Challenge For All G20
     TOKYO (MNI) - Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Masayoshi Amamiya said Thursday
that an ageing population can negatively affect future economic activity and it
is an important risk factor for the economy.
     Amamiya also said, "given the appropriate policy responses, it can also
have a positive impact on the economy". He was speaking at the G20 symposium
cosponsored by the BOJ and the Ministry of Finance.
     However, Amamiya didn't elaborate on the details of the "appropriate
policy," including BOJ monetary policy.
     Other key points from Amamiya's speech:
     --Ageing is a common policy challenge for all G20 members.
     --Japan is the most aged country among the G20 membership. However, it is
almost certain that in many other G20 countries, including emerging economies,
the ratio of elderly people will increase in the future.
     --Ageing and shrinking populations can have a huge impact on a country's
economic activity and the distribution of its output.
     --They also have a substantial impact on the flow of capital and labor
between countries at different stages of aging.
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