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     BEIJING (MNI) - Here are major points from Wednesday's joint briefing by
China's three vice ministers of Commerce, Industry and Information Technology,
Human Resources and Social Security:
     - China and the U.S. have mutually beneficial trade and economic relations.
The two countries will "benefit if both cooperate, hurt if both fight." The two
sides have positive wishes to carry out the consensus reached by Presidents
Donald Trump and Xi Jinping in November, and are actively pressing forward with
     - China will boost imports this year. The Ministry of Commerce will
successfully hold the second expo for imported goods, one of the "political
tasks" and top priorities ordered by the Communist Party. The import expo, which
began last year, is one of China's measures to counter anti-globalization and
rising protectionism.  
     - Addressing media reports that China may adjust the 'Made in China 2025'
strategy, an initiative widely viewed with suspicion by its trade partners:
formulating a strategic plan is each country's "god-given responsibility" and
each nation has the right to develop; 'Made in China 2025' is to overcome
China's own limitations and seek new drivers; China will further implement its
goals and enhance manufacturing's "high-quality" development, increasing its
competitiveness and effectiveness. 
     - China is optimistic about auto production and sales this year, despite
sales dropping in 2018, which the government attributed to the timing of
policies. There is still demand for cars that can be unleased from smaller-size
cities, increased need to replace older polluting vehicles and strong demand for
new-energy cars.
     - China is certain it will hit the 2018 whole-year goal of 6% increase in
industrial output by surveyed larger producers, despite a slowdown in the second
half. Output in the first 11 months rose 6.3%. China's total industrial output
may have reached CNY30 trillion in 2018, making them a global leader. 
     - China created 13.6 million jobs in 2018, beating 2017 by more than
100,000, and was the sixth year registering over 13 million. In 2019, China
again faces demand for more than 15 million new jobs, including a record 8.34
million post-secondary graduates. 
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