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     BEIJING (MNI) - U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to Beijing this week
may see the two sides boost trade ties beyond the usual fields, a
state-affiliated Chinese scholar said.
     The two sides will need to reach more than the usual "T-shirts and shoes
for airplanes" deals to satisfy their constituencies, Teng Jianqun, a researcher
with the China Institute of International Studies, wrote in an article on the
institute's website. 
     Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who last month won reappointment as
head of the ruling Communist Party, both have the desire to demonstrate that
they can deliver results to their own people. Xi, particularly, may use the
visit to define his "new-era" relations with the United States, Teng said.
     Teng said Trump is set to receive the "rarest" of honors in China after his
arrival in the capital Wednesday afternoon. In addition to the gun salutes,
inspection of color guards and state dinner, Trump is expected to be dining
inside the Forbidden Palace on Wednesday night with President Xi. 
     China has turned from a T-shirt manufacturer to a banker, with many Chinese
businesspeople now working on Wall Street, Teng said. The previous trade model
of buying U.S. goods to balance trade relations is outdated, he said.
     Economics will always form the base of the two sides' relationship, Teng
said. Beyond the "mature" trading areas the two countries share, they will
likely seek other focal areas of cooperation, such as exchanges of talent,
markets, investment, infrastructure and know-how, Teng said.
     Gong Ting, another researcher with the institute, said the U.S. has huge
potential to boost exports of crude, refined products and natural gas to China. 
     Trump's visit has already helped China improve ties with South Korea and
Japan, Teng said. The visit may chart a "new roadmap" for how China deals with
the U.S., Teng added.
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