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The centrist Poland 2050 (PL2050) movement of TV personality Szymon Holownia leads in the latest IBSP opinion poll for the second month running, winning 31.3% support compared to 27.0% for the governing right-wing United Right coalition.

  • IBSP poll: PL2050: 31.3% (+3.6), United Right: 27.0% (=), Civic Coalition: 18.9% (-1.4), The Left: 9.3% (+1.8), Confederation: 7.0% (-4.0), Polish Coalition 3.2% (+0.6). IBSP, Fieldwork 25-26 Feb, chgs w/25-26 Jan. 1,001 respondents.
  • The IBSP opinion polls do appear to be an outlier at present, with all other polling showing the United Right still leading. However, many of the other polls have also shown rising support for the socially liberal, pro-EU PL2050, and there remains the prospect of the movement teaming up with the centre-right Civic Coalition in any future election in an effort to oust the United Right.