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Prime Minsiters' Questions taking place in the House of Commons at the top of the hour. Not usually a particularly important event, but given the political upheaval, market moves, and shifts towards tighter COVID-19 restrictions of this morning it could be more impactful than is normally the case.

  • Link to livestream can be found here:
  • PM Boris Johnson is unlikely to officially announce the implementation of 'Plan B' COVID-19 restrictions (likely COVID passports at large events, work from home instruction, more mask wearing), with a presser later in the day seen as a likely time for the announcement.
  • Instead, Johnson will likely face questions on the alleged No.10 Downing St. Christmas party in 2020. This sort of political 'noise' would not usually be of importance, but the PM is facing increasingly hostile comments from his own MPs amidst declining poll numbers.
  • As such, how this story develops could have a major impact on the longevity of Johnson's tenure as PM.
  • As MNI noted in an earlier article, betting markets have shifted strongly away from Johnson remaining in office beyond the next election in 2024.