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China Repo Rates Rise on Tuesday


ACGBs & Regional Demand Helping


Cabinet Meeting Eyed Today

BOND SUMMARY: T-Notes holding a 0-03+ range thus far, last -0-02 at 139-04, as
yields sit unchanged to 0.7bp richer across the curve. There really was little
to note for the space, with comments from Chinese diplomat Wang Yi apparently
signalling the potential for the resumption of Sino-U.S. talks, across all
levels, although the Foreign Minister did push for reciprocal sincerity from the
- JGB futures registered fresh session highs in afternoon trade, on the back of
another solid round of upsized supply from the MoF, coming via the 5-Year
variety. Contract last +11, with the curve flattening. Still, 5s underperform on
the curve, with swaps wider vs. JGBS.
- It was a very, very flat session for the Aussie bond space, with no reaction
to the latest round of local data (housing finance data was never set to move
the needle given the current backdrop) and escalation in Sino-Aussie tensions
surrounding Hong Kong. Curve still steeper vs. settlement, YM -1.0, XM -3.5.
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MNI London Bureau | +44 0203-865-3809 |