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Gearoid Ready at Bloomberg tweets the latest COVID-19 statistics from Tokyo, with the caseload rising 4,200, a marginal increase on last Wednesday's total: "Tokyo coronavirus case count for today is 4,200. Previous two Wednesdays: 4,166, 3,177. 7-day average: 3,983. Serious cases +21 (!) to 197. Cases in over-65s: 162 (3.9%). Newly reported deaths: 2"

  • The escalating COVID-19 situation in Japan has contributed to PM Yoshihide Suga's record-low approval ratings, coming in spite of what has been deemed a successful behind-closed-doors Olympic Games.
  • Approval rating polling shows Suga's strongest support among younger voters, while older voters are shifting away from the PM in droves. Given the higher propensity for older voters to turn out, this could damage Suga's prospects of gaining the Liberal Democratic Party nomination to run for PM in the legislative election, due by 22 October.