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Consolidation Mode But Remains Bearish


Fails To Hold Onto Thursday’s High


'Big Tech' Bill Goes To Senate


Oil Up For Fifth Week On Supply Disruption, Geopolitics

Financial Markets News

Financial markets involve the exchange of financial assets between buyers and sellers, either via public markets or through private transactions. The best-known and most traded are the equity, fixed income, foreign exchange, and derivatives (e.g. futures and options) markets, though a broader definition includes commodity, real estate, and cryptocurrency markets. Financial markets are the primary means through which private entities raise capital, and the main way investors put their money to productive use. Other participants include traders arbitrageurs, who seek to profit from potential asset mispricings (and thus help with the overall price discovery process). Financial market transactions between buyers and sellers are facilitated by a multitude of agents, including brokers and market makers.

MNI's Markets coverage offers minute-by-minute actionable intelligence, analysis and insight on global fixed income and foreign exchange markets delivered in concise bullet point format. It is complemented by our email service, which provides information on key trade flows, forward looking market analysis and a roundup ahead of each regional trading session.

Features include:

  • Insightful market analysis on G10 + Scandinavia.
  • Connecting the dots between MNI exclusive sources & insight stories from the US, European and Asian central banks with the markets.
  • Pi – FX/FI position indicator.
  • Global macroeconomic data intelligence straight from government lockups at time of release.
  • Proprietary technical analysis
  • Flow analysis in the major US, APAC & European govt bond markets – cash/STIR futures & options + FX markets.
  • Comprehensive sovereign bond/t-bill auction coverage, including previews and reviews of all issuance of global bonds that are sold through regular auction and syndication sales.
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