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Yields Bounce as Equities Make New Monthly Highs


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Bull Rally Accelerates


Economists Survey Raises 2021 CPI Forecast To 4.9%

Foreign Exchange News

Foreign exchange news incorporates the release of any new information that can drive price action in currency markets. This includes, but is not limited to, news surrounding monetary policy and central bank decisions, speeches from central bank officials, political risk events and commentary on general market price action. Determining the key news that is most relevant to market participants will help to evaluate the drivers behind changes exchange rates (and indeed also includes coverage of the change in the price of one asset impacting an exchange rate.

  • MNI Foreign Exchange Bullet Points provides minute-by-minute reporting on global currency markets, presented in succinct bullet point format.
  • MNI Foreign Exchange Bullet Points focuses on trading flows, shifting market sentiment and expectations, news driving the market, economic data, monetary and fiscal policy, key market levels, central bank market activity, and global capital flows.
  • Features include:
    • Technical Analysis on currency markets
    • FX options
    • Advisories on upcoming events,
    • Economic indicator analysis,
    • Global news
    • Economic data calendars.
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