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Curve Steepens Further, 2y10y  Highest Since June


Largely Downside In ED Midcurves


Stocks Sink as Tech Undermines NASDAQ, S&P 500

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Coupon and FRN auction sizes continue at current record levels ($60B 2Y, $58B 3Y, $61B 5Y, $62B 7Y, $38B 10Y, $24B in 20- and 30Y Bonds) until this fall when sell-side analysts anticipate the Treasury will begin cutting auction sizes. The next quarterly refunding announcement will take place on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Date Time Amt Security Cusip
9-Aug 1130ET $54B 13W-Bill (912796H51)
9-Aug 1130ET $51B 26W-Bill (912796L72)
10-Aug 1130ET $34B 52W-Bill (912796L64)
10-Aug 1130ET $20B 42D-Bill CMB (912796F53)
10-Aug 1300ET $58B 3Y-Note (91282CCT6)
11-Aug 1300ET $41B 10Y-Note (91282CCS8)
12-Aug 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 10-Aug
12-Aug 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 10-Aug
12-Aug 1300ET $27B 30Y-Bond (912810SZ2)
16-Aug 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 12-Jul
16-Aug 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 12-Jul
18-Aug 1300ET TBA 20Y-Bond 12-Jul
19-Aug 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 17-Aug
19-Aug 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 17-Aug
19-Aug 1300ET TBA 30Y-TIPS R/O 12-Aug
23-Aug 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 19-Aug
23-Aug 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 19-Aug
24-Aug 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note 19-Aug
25-Aug 1300ET TBA 5Y-Note 19-Aug
25-Aug 1300ET TBA 2Y Note FRN R/O 19-Aug
26-Aug 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 19-Aug
26-Aug 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 24-Aug
26-Aug 1300ET TBA 7Y-Note 24-Aug
30-Aug 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 26-Aug
30-Aug 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 26-Aug
2-Sep 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 31-Aug
2-Sep 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 31-Aug
7-Sep 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 2-Sep
7-Sep 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 2-Sep
7-Sep 1130ET TBA 52W-Bill 2-Sep
7-Sep 1300ET TBA 3Y-Note 2-Sep
8-Sep 1300ET TBA 10Y-Note R/O 2-Sep
9-Sep 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 2-Sep
9-Sep 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 7-Sep
9-Sep 1300ET TBA 30Y-Bond R/O 7-Sep
13-Sep 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 9-Sep
13-Sep 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 9-Sep
16-Sep 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 14-Sep
16-Sep 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 14-Sep
20-Sep 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 16-Sep
20-Sep 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 16-Sep
21-Sep 1130ET TBA 20Y-Bond R/O 16-Sep
22-Sep 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note FRN 16-Sep
23-Sep 1300ET TBA 10Y-TIPS R/O 16-Sep
23-Sep 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 21-Sep
23-Sep 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 21-Sep
27-Sep 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 23-Sep
27-Sep 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 23-Sep
27-Sep 1300ET TBA 2Y-Note 23-Sep
27-Sep 1300ET TBA 5Y-Note 23-Sep
28-Sep 1300ET TBA 7Y-Note 23-Sep
30-Sep 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 23-Sep
30-Sep 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 28-Sep
4-Oct 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 30-Sep
4-Oct 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 30-Sep
5-Oct 1130ET TBA 52W-Bill 30-Sep
7-Oct 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 5-Oct
7-Oct 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 5-Oct
12-Oct 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 7-Oct
12-Oct 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 7-Oct
12-Oct 1130ET TBA 3Y Note 7-Oct
12-Oct 1300ET TBA 10Y Note R/O 7-Oct
13-Oct 1300ET TBA 30Y Bond R/O 7-Oct
14-Oct 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 12-Oct
14-Oct 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 12-Oct
18-Oct 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 14-Oct
18-Oct 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 14-Oct
20-Oct 1300ET TBA 20Y Bond R/O 14-Oct
21-Oct 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 19-Oct
21-Oct 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 19-Oct
21-Oct 1300ET TBA 5Y TIPS 14-Oct
25-Oct 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 21-Oct
25-Oct 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 21-Oct
26-Oct 1300ET TBA 2Y Note 21-Oct
27-Oct 1130ET TBA 2Y Note FRN 21-Oct
27-Oct 1300ET TBA 5Y Note 21-Oct
28-Oct 1130ET TBA 4W-Bill 26-Oct
28-Oct 1130ET TBA 8W-Bill 26-Oct
28-Oct 1300ET TBA 7Y Note 21-Oct
1-Nov 1130ET TBA 13W-Bill 28-Oct
1-Nov 1130ET TBA 26W-Bill 28-Oct
2-Nov 1130ET TBA 2W-Bill 28-Oct