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Eighth Consecutive Session of Higher Highs


Remains Below The Feb 26 High


Consolidating And Remains Vulnerable


Stocks Spiral as S&P Chews Through Support

Global News and Data Calendar

Repeats Story Initially Transmitted at 22:01 GMT Jan 31/17:01 EST Jan 31
Date    GMT /Local          Event
03-Feb      -      ***  US  domestic made vehicle sales
03-Feb  0030/1130       AU  Building Approvals
03-Feb  0730/0830  **   SE  Manufacturing PMI
03-Feb  0815/0915  **   ES  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
03-Feb  0815/0915       EU  ECB's board member Luis de Guindos participates in
                              an event organised by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
                              and IOBE (Foundation for economic & industrial
                              research) in Athens, Greece.
03-Feb  0845/0945  **   IT  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
03-Feb  0850/0950  **   FR  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
03-Feb  0855/0955  **   DE  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
03-Feb  0900/1000  **   EU  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
03-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Markit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI (Final)
03-Feb  1445/0945  ***  US  Markit Manufacturing Index (final)
03-Feb  1445/0945  *    US  ISM-NY Manufacturing Index
03-Feb  1500/1000  ***  US  ISM Manufacturing Index
03-Feb  1500/1000  *    US  construction spending
03-Feb  1800/1900       EU  ECB's board member Christine Lagarde attens the
                              New Year's Reception 2020 of Deutsche Borse AG in
                              Eschborn, Germany.
03-Feb  2100/1600       US  Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic to speak on
                              big data, machine learning, AI, and digital money
                              at the Global Interdependence Center Conference.
                              Bostic is not expected to take questions from the
                              media. No text. Expected to take questions from
                              the audience.
04-Feb  0330/1430       AU  RBA Rate Decision
04-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Markit/CIPS Construction PMI
04-Feb  1000/1100  **   EU  PPI
04-Feb  1355/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
04-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  factory new orders
04-Feb  0200/2100       US  President delivers State of the Union address
                              before a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday,
                              February 4, 2020 in the Chamber of the U.S. House
                              of Representatives.
05-Feb  0130/1030       JP  BOJ Deputy Governor Wakatabe speaks to business
05-Feb  0500/1400       JP  BOJ Wakatabe news conference
05-Feb  0730/0830  **   SE  Services PMI
05-Feb  0810/0910       EU  ECB's board member Luis de Guindos gives the
                              opening remarks at a conference on
                              "Macroprudential stress-testing and financial
                              stability" organised by ECB in Frankfurt, Germany.
05-Feb  0815/0915  **   ES  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Feb  0830/0930  **   SE  Private Sector Production
05-Feb  0845/0945  **   IT  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Feb  0850/0950  **   FR  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Feb  0855/0955  **   DE  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Feb  0900/1000  **   EU  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Markit/CIPS Services PMI (Final)
05-Feb  1000/1100  **   EU  retail sales
05-Feb  1130/1230       EU  ECB's board member Philip R. Lane participates in
                              a podium discussion at "Berliner Gesprach zum
                              Finanzplatz Frankfurt" organised by Hessische
                              Landesvertretung in Berlin, Germany.
05-Feb  1200/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
05-Feb  1200/1200       UK  Weekly questions to the Prime Minister
05-Feb  1215/1315       EU  ECB's board member Christine Lagarde speaks at the
                              "Grand Prix de l'economie des Echos pour l'annee
                              2019" in Paris, France.
05-Feb  1315/0815  ***  US  ADP Employment Report
05-Feb  1330/0830  **   CA  International Merchandise Trade (Trade Balance)
05-Feb  1330/0830  **   US  trade balance
05-Feb  1330/0830       US  Treasury refunding announcement
05-Feb  1445/0945  ***  US  Markit Services Index (final)
05-Feb  1500/1000  ***  US  ISM Non-Manufacturing Index
05-Feb  1530/1030  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
05-Feb  1730/1230       CA  BOC Sr. Deputy Wilkins speech in Toronto, "Central
                              Banking in a slow-growth world"
05-Feb  2110/1610       US  Fed Governor Lael Brainard to speak on payment
                              innovation at Stanford University. Text and
                              questions from the audience are expected. No
06-Feb  0030/1130       AU  Trade Balance
06-Feb  0130/1030       JP  BOJ board member Masai speaks to business leaders
06-Feb  0530/1430       JP  BOJ Masai news conference
06-Feb  0700/0800  **   DE  manufacturing orders
06-Feb  0800/0900       EU  ECB's board member Christine Lagarde gives the
                              introductory statement at the Quarterly ECON
                              Hearing before the Committee on Economic and
                              Monetary Affairs (ECON) of the European Parliament
                              in Brussels, Belgium.
06-Feb  0815/0915       EU  ECB's board member Luis de Guindos speaks at
                              XXVIth Santander Iberian Conference organised by
                              Santander Corporate and Investment Banking in
                              Madrid, Spain.
06-Feb  1230/0730  *    US  Challenger Monthly Layoff Intentions
06-Feb  1330/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
06-Feb  1330/0830  **   US  Preliminary Non-Farm Productivity
06-Feb  1415/0915       US  Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan to give remarks in
                              a panel discussion at the University of Texas
                              McCombs School of Business on: Business 2020
                              Business Outlook:  Real Estate and the Texas
                              Economy. No text expected.
06-Feb  1530/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
06-Feb  2130/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
06-Feb  0015/1915       US  Fed Vice Chair Randal K. Quarles to speak on the
                              economic outlook and monetary policy at the Money
                              Marketeers of New York University. Text and
                              questions are expected. No webcast.
07-Feb      -      ***  CN  Trade
07-Feb  2330/0830  **   JP  average wages (p)
07-Feb  2330/0830  **   JP  Household spending
07-Feb  0700/0800  **   DE  trade balance
07-Feb  0700/0800  **   DE  industrial production
07-Feb  0745/0845  *    FR  foreign trade
07-Feb  0745/0845  *    FR  industrial production
07-Feb  0800/0900  **   ES  industrial production
07-Feb  0830/0830  *    UK  Halifax House Price Index
07-Feb  0900/1000  *    IT  retail sales
07-Feb  1330/0830  ***  CA  Labour Force Survey
07-Feb  1330/0830  ***  US  Employment Report
07-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  wholesale trade
07-Feb  1500/1000  **   CA  Ivey PMI
07-Feb  1600/1100  **   US  St. Louis Fed Real GDP Nowcast
07-Feb  1600/1100       US  Federal Reserve releases its Monetary Policy
                              Report to the Congress.
07-Feb  1615/1115  **   US  NY Fed GDP Nowcast
07-Feb  2000/1500  *    US  Consumer Credit
10-Feb      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
10-Feb      -      ***  CN  New Loans
10-Feb      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
10-Feb  0130/0930  ***  CN  CPI
10-Feb  0130/0930  ***  CN  Producer Price Index
10-Feb  0645/0745  **   CH  unemployment
10-Feb  0730/0830  ***  CH  CPI
10-Feb  0730/0830  **   FR  BoF Business survey
10-Feb  1315/0815  **   CA  Housing Starts - CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and
                              Housing Corp)
10-Feb  1330/0830  *    CA  Building Permits
10-Feb  1600/1100  **   US  NY Fed survey of consumer expectations
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  Money Supply
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  New Loans
11-Feb      -      ***  CN  Social Financing
11-Feb  0001/0001  *    UK  BRC-KPMG Shop Sales Monitor
11-Feb  0930/0930  ***  UK  GDP First Estimate
11-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Trade Balance
11-Feb  0930/0930  ***  UK  Index of Production
11-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Index of Services
11-Feb  0930/0930  **   UK  Output in the Construction Industry
11-Feb  1100/0600  **   US  NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
11-Feb  1355/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
11-Feb  1500/1000       US  Fed Chair Jay Powell to testify before the House
                              Financial Services Committee in a hearing
                              entitled: "Monetary Policy and the State of the
11-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  JOLTS jobs opening level
11-Feb  1500/1000  **   US  JOLTS quits Rate
11-Feb  1830/1330       US  St. Louis Fed President James Bullard to give a
                              presentation at the CFA Society of St. Louis
                              Luncheon. There will be no text but slides and a
                              press release are expected to be released.
                              Audience and media questions expected.
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