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Jens Weidmann Succession at the Bundesbank?


Review $24B 20Y-Bond Auction Re-Open, Large Tail


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20Y WI Update


MNI INSIGHT: Rates Pricing Races Ahead As BOE Sticks To Script

Markets have priced in more aggressive UK rate hikes despite an absence of fresh BOE signalling.

MNI CBR Preview - October 2021: Larger Hike Seen Heading Off CPI Pressure​

The CBR are likely to opt for a larger rate hike of 50bps this month to face off a near-term inflation spike that's put price rises ahead of the bank's forecasts.

MNI INTERVIEW: ECB Decision To Impact Greek Upgrade Hopes

A decision by the ECB on whether to continue to buy Greek bonds will have ramifications for the country's credit rating, Scope analyst Dennis Shen tells MNI.

Political Risk

Nominee For Chinese Ambassador: China Must Stop Bullying Of Taiwan

The White House's nominee to serve as US Ambassador to China, R. Nicholas Burns, currently delivering testimony to Senate Foreign Relations Committee as part of his confirmation process. Burns previously served as US ambassador to NATO and to Greece.

  • Patricia Zengerle at Reuters tweets some of Burns' comments: ""The Chinese are being so aggressive, they have stirred up a lot of opposition to them. And I think we ought not to exaggerate their strengths, or underestimate the strengths of the United States," Burns said. "The Russians are going to have to worry long term, about economic domination of Russia by China... the Russians ought to be worried about a Chinese nuclear weapons build up in the western part of China," Burns - former amb to NATO - says."
  • Zach Basu at Axios: "Nick Burns addresses calls (including by some Democrats) to revisit the U.S. posture of "strategic ambiguity" on defending Taiwan from an invasion. "My own view is that we're better off and will be more effective in staying with the One China policy of the last four decades."
  • Guy Faulconbridge at Reuters tweets: "Biden nominee for US ambassador to China Burns says China's 'genocide in Xinjiang', abuses in Tibet, and bullying of Taiwan must stop."


In this weekly article we compile a chartpack of all the most recent data on the spread of COVID-19 across major developed and emerging nations.

Executive Summary

  • In this weekly article we compile a chartpack of all the most recent data on the spread of COVID-19 across major developed and emerging nations.
  • We also compile data on the efforts by nations worldwide to vaccinate their populations, with information on those nations most advanced in their vaccination programmes, those emerging markets lagging behind, and those countries that have launched third shot booster programmes.
  • The chartpack includes data from 26 major economies, and maps highlighting which countries have seen the most severe outbreaks of the virus in recent weeks.

Full article PDF attached below:

MNI POLITICAL RISK ANALYSIS – Weekly COVID-19 Tracker – 20 Oct .pdf

Table 1. COVID-19 Data Table

Source: JHU, OurWordlInData, MNI. N.b Data correct as of 19 Oct. Some countries not included due to lack of up-to-date data. Colour key: 'New cases in past week' and 'Fatalities in Past Week': Red if higher than previous week's total, green if lower, yellow if equal to.

Scope Ratings' Shen On Prospects For Greece's Credit Rating

MNI interviews Scope Ratings' Dennis Shen about the prospects for Greece's credit rating - On MNI Policy MainWire now, for more details please contact

Zemmour Retains 2nd Place In Latest Harris Polling

Right-wing broadcaster and writer Eric Zemmour narrowly retains second place in all hypothetical scenarios in the latest Harris Interactive opinion poll ahead of next year's French presidential election.

  • Bertrand as LR candidate: Macron (LREM-RE): 23% (-1), Zemmour (*): 17%, Le Pen (RN-ID): 16% (+1), Bertrand (LR-EPP): 14%.+/- vs. 8-11 October. Fieldwork: 15-18 October 2021,Sample size: 2,544
  • Pécresse as LR (EPP) candidate: Macron (LREM-RE): 25%, Zemmour (*): 17%, Le Pen (RN-ID): 16% (+1), Mélenchon (LFI-LEFT): 10% (-1), Pecresse (LR): 10% (-1). +/- vs. 8-11 October. Fieldwork: 15-18 October 2021. Sample size: 2,544
  • Barnier as LR (EPP) candidate Macron (LREM-RE): 25% (-2) Zemmour (*): 18% Le Pen (RN-ID): 16% Mélenchon (LFI-LEFT): 10% (-1), Barnier (LR): 8% (+1). +/- vs. 8-11 October Fieldwork: 15-18 October 2021 Sample size: 2,544



20Y WI Update

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