Trendline Break Reinforces Bullish Sentiment


Flash Dec Factory Sales +0.6% vs Nov +1.3%

MNI BRIEF: 'Inflation Scare' May Complicate Fed Communications


Former Fed analyst tells MNI inflation pick-up could make Fed communications with the market more challenging.


MNI EXCLUSIVE: Biden's Relief Plan Likely To Be Slimmed To $1T

Some say budget reconciliation process could produce a larger package than a bipartisan approach


MNI BRIEF: US Dec Housing Starts Highest Since 2006

The pace of U.S. housing starts quickened in December to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.669 million, the highest since 2006, following November's revised 1.578 million (prev 1.547 million).


PD Lawmakers Call On PM To Resign Say Will Support Him To Lead Next Gov't

Wires and social media reporting that lawmakers from the centre-left Democratic Party, the junior partner in the governing coalition, have called for PM Giuseppe Conte to resign, adding that they will support him to lead the next gov't.

  • The lawmakers say that as things stand, Conte does not have enough support in parliament to get the Justice Report through.
  • The vote on the annual report on the justice system set to take place later this week in the Senate. Defeat would effectively end the gov't. An early resignation might give Conte more time to try to put together a broad majority gov't.
  • Dial seemed to be moving towards snap election last week, but clearly there are major efforts to find a new majority among governing parties and others in parliament.
  • Should note that due to constitutional changes, if an election is called the number of parliamentarians is set to be cut significantly, meaning many lawmakers will lose their seats even if their party does well. This may discourage some from seeking to bring the gov't down.

India, China To Push For Early Disengagement Of Frontline Troops

Indian Express has comments from a joint statement from senior military commanders of India and China following the 9th round of meetings between both sides following border skirmishes on the disputed Sino-Indian border in the Himalayas last year.

  • Statement says the meeting was "positive, practical and constructive, which further enhanced mutual trust and understanding". States that both sides "agreed to push for an early disengagement of the frontline troops".
  • Both Chinese and Indian commanders "agreed to follow the important consensus of their state leaders, maintain the good momentum of dialogue and negotiation, and hold the 10th round of the Corps Commander Level Meeting at an early date to jointly advance de-escalation".
  • Indian and Chinese leadership will "continue their effective efforts in ensuring the restraint of the frontline troops, stabilize and control the situation along the LAC [line of actual control, the undemarcated border] in the Western Sector of the China-India border, and jointly maintain peace and tranquility".

Xi: Necessary To Consolidate G20 As Main Platform For Global Governance

In his address to the virtual WEF summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping says that the G20 must be the main platform for global governance, with its position consolidated.

  • This comes as a pointed comment, given that a number of states, namely Australia and the UK are looking to foster the so-called 'D10' group of the democratic G7 states (UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada) alongside three non-G7 democratic states (Australia, South Korea, and India) in a counter to Chinese economic and political influence at the international level.


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