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'Big Tech' Bill Goes To Senate


Oil Up For Fifth Week On Supply Disruption, Geopolitics

Finance Market News

Finance market news is the driver of global markets and incorporates the release of any new information that can drive price action in markets. This includes, but is not limited to, news surrounding monetary policy and central bank decisions, speeches from central bank officials, political risk events, issuance / bond supply updates and commentary on general market price action. Determining the key news that is most relevant to market participants will help to evaluate the drivers behind changes in prices in a number of markets (or indeed the change in the price of one asset impacting the price of another).

  • MNI Policy offers unique access to the world's top financial policy makers & central banks – and the vital policy interface with global FX and FI markets. MNI's intelligence gathering and exclusive reporting is based on interviews and contacts with senior central banking officials. We unearth fresh policy thinking and break key shifts in direction through tapping an unrivalled network of sources.
  • MNI cuts through the noise to convey the true policy message that impacts FX and Fixed Income markets.
  • This ability to place policy insight into a market context is a true strength of MNI.
  • Interviews and sourced based stories & insights across G7 & China Central Banks (also including some major EM's).
  • Policy analysis - providing additional colour to ongoing topics within the Central Banks & Markets consensus.
  • Previews & Reviews of Central Bank meetings.
  • Live coverage of Central Bank meetings (with live access to our journalist in the room at the ECB and Federal Reserve press conference).
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