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Sterling Reversing Late Thursday Strength

DOLLAR-YEN TECHS: Below Y105.22 Confirms Focus On Y99.08-101.15
*RES 4: Y107.29 High Mar 13 
*RES 3: Y106.75 High Mar 14 
*RES 2: Y106.09 Hourly resistance Mar 21 
*RES 1: Y105.88 Hourly support Mar 21 now resistance
*PRICE: Y105.61 @ 0230GMT
*SUP 1: Y105.22 2018 Low Mar 2 
*SUP 2: Y101.15 Monthly Low Nov 9 2016 
*SUP 3: Y100.07 Monthly Lows Sept 22 & 27 2016 
*SUP 4: Y99.08  2016 Low June 2016
*COMMENTARY: Hesitation ahead of Y106.75-107.29 has taken its toll with the pair
heading back towards 2018 lows. The Bollinger base (Y105.56) remains the key
concern for bears who look for a close below 2018 lows to reconfirm overall
focus on Y99.08-101.15. Daily studies are well placed for losses. Bulls continue
to look for a close above Y106.75 to ease bearish pressure and above Y107.29 to
shift initial focus to Y108.03-42 with the 55-DMA at Y108.33.