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--5 Things We Learned From September Industrial Production Data
By Shikha Dave and Harrison Clarke
     WASHINGTON (MNI) - The following are the key points from the 
Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization data for September 
released by the Federal Reserve Tuesday: 
     - Industrial production increased by 0.3% in September vs 0.2% 
expected, after no revision to August and a downward revision to July. 
Outside of the increase in motor vehicle production, industrial 
production would have been up 0.2%. 
     - Manufacturing production rose 0.2% in the month on a 1.7% 
increase in motor vehicles and parts production, but was up only 0.1% 
outside of motor vehicles and parts.  
     - Utilities production was flat, with the mix showing a 0.2% 
decrease in electricity production and a 1.2% increase in natural gas 
     - Mining production posted an increase of 0.5% in September, 
following an downward revision to the August number from +0.7% to +0.4%.  
     - Capacity utilization came in at 78.1%, slightly lower the 78.2% 
expected. This followed no revision from 78.1% in August. Manufacturing 
capacity utilization rose by 0.1pp to 75.9%. 
     ** MNI Washington Bureau: 202-371-2121 **