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The leader of Ireland’s Fine Gael party in the European Parliament is optimistic that the departure of UK Brexit Minister David Frost and the assumption of the role by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss could usher in a new era of pragmatism in EU-UK relations, he told MNI.

“I am quite sure she’ll want to be successful and ensure her reputation for the future. To resign like David Frost in frustration won’t do anything for her career either,” said Sean Kelly, also vice chair of the EU-UK Parliamentary Delegation.

Solutions for the difficulties in the veterinary - sanitary and phytosanitary – sector should be the next priority sector, according to Kelly.

“If we got that resolved satisfactorily then the rest would all fall into place – the same way it falls into place for other third countries.”

That said, concerns over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of EU-UK relations will remain a major difficulty for Europe, he said.

“People will find it very difficult to take his word and that makes it difficult for Europe in negotiations,” he said.