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Solid U.S. Factory Orders


Expiries for Aug04 NY cut 1000ET (Source DTCC)


Finding a bid as Equities falls

     POLICY: The People's Bank of China (PBOC) will offer CNY1.5 billion in
Central Bank Bill Swap (CBS), the first under the scheme designed to boost
banks' capital. Coded 1901001S, with 2.45% coupon rate, the one-year instrument
is offered to primary dealers in the open market at 0.25%, according to a
statement on the PBOC website.
     TRADE: China will boost the production of soybeans moderately and
reasonably according to consumption needs, but China will continue to rely on
the imports of soybeans, and the U.S. remains an important partner in China's
soybean trade, said Han Changbin, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,
according to the State Council Information Office. The demand for soybeans in
China is about 110 million tons per year, while the soybean production in China
is around 16 million tons, and 90% of soybeans need to be imported, Han added.
     LIQUIDITY: The PBOC injected CNY20 billion via 7-day reverse repos today.
It resulted in a net injection of CNY20 billion as no reverse repos mature,
according to Wind Information.
     RATE: The 7-day weighted average interbank repo average rate for depository
institutions (DR007) decreased to 1.9000% from Tuesday's close of 2.2847%, Wind
Information showed. The overnight repo average decreased to 1.8400% from
Tuesday's 1.9489%.
     YUAN: The yuan strengthened to 6.7240 against the U.S. dollar from
Tuesday's close of 6.7675. The PBOC set the dollar-yuan central parity rate at
6.7558 compared with 6.7642 yesterday.
     BONDS: The yield on the benchmark 10-year China Government Bond was last at
3.1180%, down 2 bps from the close of Tuesday, according to brokers.
     STOCKS: The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.20% to 2,761.22. Hong
Kong's Hang Seng Index climbed 1.01% to 28,514.05. 
     FROM THE PRESS: The PBOC can lower the reserve requirement ratios to help
support the economy, the Economic Information Daily said, citing Lian Ping,
chief economist at the Bank of Communications. Policymakers should be cautious
using rate cuts as their impact may be limited, Lian was reported as saying by
the newspaper. 
     Local government bond issuance may total CNY295.86 billion in February,
down from CNY417.97 last month, Securities Daily said. The sales will support
construction of on-going infrastructure projects, help stabilize investment,
boost consumption and growth, the Daily said citing analysts. 
     The State Council yesterday issued its so-called No. 1 Document, an annual
plan for agriculture, including spending and subsidy increases to expand soybean
planting. The document also calls for improvement in the quality of baby formula
and food production that uses less chemicals.
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