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CABLE: Monday came and went, with no vote of confidence in PM May declared,
while senior Brexiteer ministers are reportedly less optimistic about tabling
amendments to the draft exit agreement. 
- That being said, Monday still held challenges for the PM, with Spain & France
pushing for adjustments to the Brexit agreement. Elsewhere, the DUP Party failed
to support the PM in the latest vote in parliament, it also supported an
amendment proposed by the opposition Labour Party.
- GBP/USD last $1.2855. Wednesday's low at $1.2882 provided resistance on Monday
with last Monday's low of $1.2828 providing support. These remain the initial
lines in the sand.
- Brexit matters remain front and centre. Worth noting that BoE's Carney,
Haldane, Cunliffe & Saunders will testify to the Tsy select committee on
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