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UK: The questions that we have selected for this month are:
- Number of members voting for any increase in Bank Rate:
- Did the MPC restate that any future increases in Bank Rate are likely to be at
a gradual pace and to a limited extent?
- Did the MPC express any view that monetary policy could need to be tightened
by a somewhat greater extent over the forecast period than the path implied by
the yield curve?
- Will BoE continue to re-invest the proceeds of gilt redemptions?
- Do the minutes note any discussion around ending full Gilt reinvestment?
- UK CPI rate in 2 yrs' time at mkt rates (mode): X.XX% (prev: 2.07%)
- UK CPI rate in 3 yrs' time at mkt rates (mode): X.XX% (prev: 2.11%)
- UK GDP fcast in 2 yrs time at mkt rates (mode): X.XX% (prev: 1.74%)
- UK GDP fcast in 3 yrs time at mkt rates (mode): X.XX% (prev: 2.05%)