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US: Today's the final day of the House impeachment hearing in the US, with David
Holmes (counselor for political affairs at the US Embassy in Ukraine) and Fiona
Hill (former official at the National Security Council specializing in Soviet,
Russian and European affairs) both due to testify from 0900ET (1400GMT).
Politico writes:
- "Democrats have high hopes for Holmes and Hill for different reasons. Holmes,
of course, is a bit of an accidental witness. He overheard the Sondland/Trump
high-volume phone call while at lunch in Kyiv -- a phone call during which the
ambassador and president talked about investigations and A$AP Rocky.
- "Hill is expected to be a bombshell for Democrats. She reported to John Bolton
and was close with him, so she could be a stalking horse for some of his ideas,
theories and views on this matter. She was intimately involved in Russia and
Ukraine policy, so expect her to be able to answer questions about the inner
workings of the White House."