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Founded in 1906, the Swiss National Bank is a joint-stock company headquartered in Zurich and Berne, with an office in Singapore. As an independent central bank it sets monetary policy and regulates the Swiss financial sector, while determining and distributing profits to the Confederation, the cantons and private shareholders. The SNB defines price stability as a rise in consumer prices of not more than 2% per annum. At -0.75%, the SNB has held the world's lowest policy rate for almost a decade, while intervening in the foreign currency market as necessary to protect the level of the Swiss franc, a highly-valued safe-haven currency. The SNB is led by a Governing Board. In 2020, all three members were reappointed to serve until 2027. Current chairman Thomas Jordan took office in 2012, having joined the bank in 1997.

  • Exclusive Swiss National Bank Insight stories - based on extensive reporting by MNI journalists.
  • Exclusive on-the-record interviews with Swiss National Bank officials.
  • MNI Central bank policy analysis – before and after key meetings. This includes:
    • MNI POV (Point of View) – The MNI Market team's view on what the key themes to watch in the decision/press conference/forecasts and possible market reaction.
    • MNI Central Bank Data Watch - key economic variables that are important to global markets and percentage movements since the last central bank meeting.
    • Market-leading insights into central bank policy, from sell-side note summaries to full meeting previews/reviews for major central banks.
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