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EUROSTOXX50 TECHS: Trendline support tested
*RES 4: 3547.27 Bull channel top drawn off the Jun 6 low
*RES 3: 3515.15/75 High Apr 24 major resistance
*RES 2: 3496.79 High Jun 21
*RES 1: 3473.75 High Jun 24
*PRICE: 3442.38 @ Close June 27
*SUP 1: 3424.68 Low Jun 27 and key support for today
*SUP 2: 3418.18 High Jun 11
*SUP 3: 3394.41 50-day EMA
*SUP 4: 3363.07 Jun 14 low
EUROSTOXX50 trend conditions remain bullish & the pullback since Jun the 21 high
is viewed as a correction. With momentum studies still trending higher & the
candle pattern of Jun 18, a confirmed standard line (continuation pattern), the
prospect for fresh gains remains. Trendline support around 3442.42 is currently
being tested. The low of 3424.68 represents important support today. If cleared,
a deeper corrective setback is likely. Initial resistance for bulls is 3473.75.