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Source: U.S. Treasury, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Billions of U.S. dollars
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                     Announce            Pricing  Settlement   Maturity  Auction
Source                   Date   Issue       Date        Date       Date     Size
Upcoming bills and
coupon offerings:
UST                 17-May-18   13-wk  21-May-18   24-May-18        TBD    48.00
UST                 17-May-18   26-wk  21-May-18   24-May-18        TBD    42.00
UST                 17-May-18   52-wk  22-May-18   24-May-18        TBD    26.00
UST                 17-May-18    FRN*  23-May-18   25-May-18        TBD    17.00
UST                 17-May-18    2-yr  22-May-18   31-May-18        TBD    32.00
UST                 17-May-18    5-yr  23-May-18   31-May-18        TBD    35.00
UST                 17-May-18    7-yr  24-May-18   31-May-18        TBD    29.00
Securities yet to       Issue     Amt    Auction  Settlement   Maturity
auctioned/settle:                           Date        Date       Date
UST                      3-yr   31.00  08-May-18   15-May-18  15-May-21
UST                     10-yr   25.00  09-May-18   15-May-18  15-May-28
UST                     30-yr   17.00  10-May-18   15-May-18  15-May-48
UST                     13-wk   48.00  14-May-18   17-May-18  16-Aug-18
UST                     26-wk   42.00  14-May-18   17-May-18  15-Aug-18
UST                      4-wk   45.00  15-May-18   17-May-18  14-Jun-18
UST                     TIPS*   11.00  17-May-18   31-May-18  15-Jan-28
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