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Latest data on COVID-19 vaccination from Canada shows a marked variance in the rates of vaccination across Canada's provinces and territories in the first quarter of 2021.

Chart 1. Vaccinations in Canada by Province/Territory

Source: @pollingcanada, Statistics Canada, CTV Vaccine Tracker

  • The three sparsely populated territories of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut lead the way in having almost or over half of their populations fully vaccinated.
  • Of the provinces, New Brunswick leads the way with 40.6% of the population having received one vaccine dose, with 3.5% fully vaccinated.
  • New Brunswick's Maritime neighbours Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are the Canadian laggards, with 73.3% and 71% of the provinces' respective populations yet to receive a first dose.
  • There remains significant pressure on federal and provincial leaders (notably Ontario's Doug Ford) to speed up the rollout of vaccines across the country.
  • As of 3 May, 34.22% of the Canadian population has received a vaccine. This rate lags behind those of the US and the UK, but is better than Canada's DM peers in Europe such as France, Germany, and Italy.