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Potential Surge In NSW COVID Cases?


Lockdown Extension Announced


Yuan May Remain Stable in Near Term: Daily

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The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) sells A$700mn of the 4.25% 21 April 2026 Bond, issue #TB142:

  • Average Yield: 0.5124% (prev. 0.7149%)
  • High Yield: 5150% (prev. 0.7175%)
  • Bid/Cover: 6.6000x (prev. 3.9550x)
  • Amount allotted at highest accepted yield as percentage of amount bid at that yield 23.9% (prev. 45.2%)
  • bidders 53 (prev. 43), successful 13 (prev. 14), allocated in full 5 (prev. 8)