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And LBBW's Haeling said "with the....>

US TSYS/STOCKS: And LBBW's Haeling said "with the long end of the Treasury curve
not showing big worries about the risk of stronger economic growth and/or
inflation, traders with short positions cannot count on a Fed rate hike in March
with strong conviction. So with short-dated yields having risen much faster than
financing rates in recent months, the negative carry cost of holding short
positions has increased. This will further increase short-covering pressures."
- He also still believes "that if Republicans actually push through the tax code
changes as fast as they are attempting, it will be loaded with a lot of
unintended consequences that are more likely to be economically negative than
positive. And while there is so much talk of tax cuts, many consumers in high
tax states like New York and California, which hold the country's biggest
regional economies, face tax hikes (in some cases big increases)."
- He adds it's "also possible" that "negative impacts of the tax legislation
could hit the economy faster than the positive elements will, and economists
only expect GDP to be increased by 0.2 to 0.3 percentage pts from the positive
aspects alone."