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Consolidating But Remains Bullish


Recovering, But Not Through Resistance


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Bearish Threat Remains, Despite Intraday Rally

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LOCAL NEWS (Public holiday today – but markets open)

  • Biden says he hopes to meet Putin in Europe in June – "that is my hope and expectation. We're working on it."
  • State Duma deputies submit a package of amendments tightening legislation on extremism and undesirable organisations.
    • Main feature is a ban on participation in Duma elections not only for leaders or participants in extremist organizations, but also for those who sponsored them or provided "other assistance."
    • Navalny supporters, whose organizations the court may soon recognize as extremist, believe that the bills are primarily directed against them
  • Local Political analyst says the real motive behind US support for Ukraine is to create a military stronghold on the Russian border and has no interest in seeing peace in the Donbass.
  • Russian Ambassador to Paris has been summoned to France's foreign Ministry to discuss Moscown's sanctions vs EU officials, saying "these measures do not ensure de-escalation of the current tensions"
  • Finance Ministry says it will not hold usual OFZ auctions over public holidays