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Remains Below Recent Highs


Oil Up As Saudi Raises Prices, Omicron Fears Subside


Stocks Solid as South Africa Data Better Than Feared


Extends Bear Steepening


German Puts, Feb Expiries


Larger FX Option Pipeline

AUSSIE BONDS: Bond futures extend through their respective SYCOM highs, likely
aided by flows in the cash space as onshore markets play catch up after the long
weekend, while the latest NAB business confidence survey revealed downticks in
both the conditions and confidence metrics, providing extra support.
- NAB noted that "confidence weakened, falling 2pts to -2 index points, the
lowest read since mid-2013. While broadly stable, forward looking indicators do
not imply a material improvement in the near term. Forward orders remain weak
and capacity utilisation is just below average. Capex has pulled back over the
year, and is now also below average. A bright spot remains the employment index,
which at +4 index points is above average and implies reasonable ongoing
employment demand.... Notwithstanding the decline in confidence, the impact of
the bushfires (which began in late December) is not yet apparent in these
results. We will closely watch the results of the January survey for any
indication of the impact of the fires on the business sector."
- 10-Year yields consolidating sub 1.0%. YM +7.5, XM +10.5.
- Bills print 3-5 ticks higher through the reds.
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MNI London Bureau | +44 0203-865-3809 |