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NBH Likely To Hike By 15bps On September 21


Broken put fly


Deeper in the red going into the EU cash open


Gilts opening calls

Bulls Still Need Close Above......>

AUSSIE-KIWI TECHS: Bulls Still Need Close Above 55-DMA
*RES 4: NZ$1.0762 - High Mar 22
*RES 3: NZ$1.0690 - High Mar 23
*RES 2: NZ$1.0672 - High Apr 19, 55-DMA
*RES 1: NZ$1.0662 - Bollinger band top
*PRICE: NZ$1.0638 @ 2130GMT
*SUP 1: NZ$1.0601 - High Apr 17 now support
*SUP 2: NZ$1.0549 - Low Apr 16
*SUP 3: NZ$1.0486 - 2018 Low Apr 12
*SUP 4: NZ$1.0477 - LT rising daily TL off 2015 Low
*COMMENTARY: The bounce from recent 2018 & 9mth lows confirmed the significance
of the LT rising daily TL off 2015 lows with bulls still needing a close above
the 55-DMA to shift focus to NZ$1.0762-1.0894 where key DMAs, WMAs and the bear
channel top are situated. Bears continue to look for a close below NZ$1.0601 to
ease bullish pressure and below NZ$1.0549 to see the LT rising TL off 2015 lows
pressured once more.