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Crude Registers Fresh Highs For The Week


PREVIEW: 5-Year Supply Due


Peso Gains Amid Improving Market Sentiment


Marginally Cheaper, 5-Year Supply Due

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  • Kilicdaroglu said he will do whatever is necessary for early polls to take place and announced that he will start public rallies to let the voices of those who want snap elections as soon as possible be heard by the government and its ally.
  • "I will respect if the people vote for you again. But you are afraid of going to the polls, but you should not escape from the people's will. I will move heaven and earth to force you and your partners for the early elections,"
  • "[They are talking about] foreign powers or economic models. What foreign powers? Who are you referring to? Disclose them openly. He thinks he can deceive the people, but the people do no longer buy these,"
  • Those who fail to protect the Turkish Lira cannot be described as nationalists, the CHP leader said, vowing that they would protect the poor and those who suffer from the economic turbulence when they come to power. - Hurriyet Daily