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  • Covid cases reach 13,155 over the weekend with 112 deaths recorded and a positivity rate of 23.7%. Officials say Gauteng's third wave has now overtaken the second (21% higher) and still has weeks to go before it reaches its peak.
    • Cases in Gauteng reached 8,400/day over the weekend. Doctors have warned that hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed, but can still cope with the pressure at this stage
  • Analysts say Magashule's court challenge (due end of this week) is weakening the ANC ahead of local polls in a few months. Ramaphosa and Magashule will face off this week in court after a delay with Magahsule defending his position as SG by attempting to nullify the step aside rule
    • ANC's top brass are expected to come out against Magashule in court, in what may be a pivotal moment for Ramaphosa's presidency.
  • In an effort to find common ground, the ANC has re-tabled some of its land expropriation proposals, including that state custodianship be applicable to 'certain land' within the context of expropriation.
    • Opposition DA Party says "In its blind rush to ensure the passing of the amendment at all costs, the ANC has thrown out all reason and is now openly pandering to the EFF."
    • Notes "State custodianship is nothing but just another byword for nationalisation of land under the administrative control of the ANC – a party that has proved itself time and again that it destroys everything that it purports to administer."