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VP Kirchner Highlights Fiscal Failures


July Trade Balance Data Due


Chilean Markets Closed For National Holiday


Bear steepening

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A narrow overnight session saw YM close -1.0, with XM unchanged vs. settlement amid a lack of broader tier 1 headline catalysts and limited activity in the U.S. Tsy space.

  • Local COVID matters will continue to dominate, with suggestions in the press that NSW is conducting financial modelling for a lockdown in the Greater Sydney area through at least mid-September. There are also some suggestions that the NSW Treasurer will again request a restart of the JobKeeper scheme. The weekend also saw thousands protest the lockdowns across some of the country's major cities. Finally, Australia has signed an agreement for the purchase of 60mn additional Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccination doses, to be delivered in '22, and a further 25mn doses in '23, which would allow the country to conduct a vaccination "booster" scheme if needed.
  • A$800mn of ACGB 1.00% 21 November 2031 supply headlines the local docket on Monday.