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(H2) Downtrend Remains Intact


(H2) Trend Needle Still Points South


(H2) Heading South


(H2) Maintains A Bearish Tone

Bond Market News

The bond market is a subset of the larger fixed income market. Bonds provide a means for borrowers to raise capital and for lenders to secure a regular return. The market is dominated by governments, which issue debt in order to finance public sector spending. An active and liquid bond market reduces uncertainty over the government's ability to borrow and provides benchmark interest rates for the wider economy. The corporate sector is also active in the bond market, with debt issuance offering an alternative to equity offerings, which otherwise dilute ownership.

  • MNI Fixed Income Bullet Points offers:
    • Original, real-time running commentary on global fixed income markets
    • Presented in concise bullet point format
    • Including live coverage from Chicago's futures exchange floors
  • MNI Fixed Income Bullet Points focuses on:
    • Trading flows
    • Shifting market sentiment and expectations
    • News driving the market, economic data, monetary and fiscal policy
    • Key market levels
    • Central bank market activity
    • Global capital flows
      • Features include:
        • Technical market analysis
        • New issue investment-grade bond supply
        • Advisories on upcoming events
        • Economic indicator analysis
        • Global news
        • Economic data calendars
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