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Post-LIBOR Settle Update


The E3 signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) - France, Germany, and the UK - have released a joint statement condemning the recent heightened enrichment of uranium by Iran, saying that Iran is 'undermining the opportunity for renewed diplomacy'.

  • Full statement: "We, the governments of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, note with grave concern the recent confirmation by the IAEA that Iran is producing uranium metal in violation of the JCPoA. Under the JCPoA, Iran committed not to engage in producing or acquiring uranium metal or to conduct research and development on uranium metallurgy for 15 years. Recalling our statement of January 16, we reiterate that Iran has no credible civilian justification for these activities, which are a key step in the development of a nuclear weapon. We strongly urge Iran to halt these activities without delay and not to take any new non-compliant steps on its nuclear programme. In escalating its non-compliance, Iran is undermining the opportunity for renewed diplomacy to fully realise the objectives of the JCPOA."
  • While the Biden administration in the US has been keen to stress its desire to promote a more 'normal' course of US diplomacy, it has so far not engaged in seeking to increase dialogue with Iran. With the European signatories of the JCPoA also taking a harder line, the prospect of the agreement being adhered to by Tehran grows even slimmer.
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